Ernie Colwell

How long have you been at CCoF?

Henrietta and I have attended CCoF since 2000. We did a “home church search” and found our home at the very first church we visited.
Tell us about your family.
Our wonderful family is still growing; my youngest daughter just adopted a girl and a boy. That gives us 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Of course, there is the appropriate number of in-laws and FaceTime calls when I’m in the bathroom.
How have you served the Flagstaff community over the years?
Both Henrietta and I are retired from ADOT and no longer get blamed for all the potholes.
What is your passion? What's your favorite way to serve at CCoF?
My passion is to stumble after Jesus and to share that journey with other travelers on the road. I have a heart for wounded Christians and have served in several areas of recovery from the life explosions we all share.
What's your favorite Flagstaff restaurant and menu item?
I don’t want it to get too crowded but must recommend Jitters Lunch Box. The food is tasty, the staff is friendly and winsome, the coffee is the blood of life, the pastries are Bavarian, the atmosphere is cozy and tends to encourage discussions of a friendly and theological nature. A man needs a place like this!